Humanitarian Live Events

Realism in your classroom or auditorium

 Humanitarian Live Events 

EyeZone is committed to encouraging discussions about refugees and forced migrations around the world, so we are enthusiastic about holding screenings and discussions with university, NGO and government communities and memberships. Since our films are shot in hard-to-access areas, camps and cities on the front lines, we can bring realism and immediacy to the classroom and auditorium. We share extensive behind-the-scenes insights and information from our experiences on the ground.

We create events to suit our sponsors, but here are a couple common formats:

  • 45 minute classroom—20 minute screening of film featuring intimate interviews with Syrian refugee families and Turkish aid workers followed by 25 minute discussion.
  • 90 minute classroom/auditorium—screening of short film and discussion about refugee–host nation relationships and refugees’ contributions to their host nations. We start with a 30 minute screening of films featuring government and aid workers, host populations, and Syrian refugee families in border cities and refugee camps and follow it by group discussions and/or breakout groups.

Audiences are usually graduate and undergraduate students of humanitarian, refugee/asylum, humanitarian policy, law, and medicine programs as well as cause-focused organizations dedicated to refugee integration into host countries.

Please contact Derin Isikman  to learn more or start planning your event.