Casting Call – Movie Trailer for award winner script “Parallax Reflections" written and will be directed by Derin Isikman


November 6, 2018

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

DePaul University / TBD, Chicago, IL

Actors be prepared to dance reflecting the essence of the movie as stated below for 2-4 minutes. Single and couples are invite to perform. 


The film exposes and portrays the strong ties to tradition and debasement of valves of humans when necessary  order degrades, and humans are seen only objects. 

This film is about human Intolerance, brutally and shuddered love.
It depicts what happens to families and to society when their values are disrupted and descend into chaos.
In Iris’s world, the loss of a man, her protector, creates instability and the appearance to other men, that abuse is acceptable and will not result from retribution for their actions.
In the end, she becomes incapable of overcoming the brutally which she endured and creates the inability for her to survive.
The parallax of the story shows the metamorphosis of what is happening in reality, and not being spoken.


One female – age 21 /30 all races

Couples are invite to preform -  age 21 /35  all races 

Hired Actors will be paid $100.00 per day, including